Careers on the Move

“Careers on the Move” A proactive approach to engage our future workforce.

A truck won’t drive itself, freight won’t load itself, and business won’t grow without a skilled and engaged workforce. Tasmania, like other Australian States is experiencing a major demographic shift towards an ageing population and an ageing workforce. The economic and business consequence of such a shift must not be underestimated.  This shift will impact on the transport and logistics sector if recruitment and development of young people does not occur.  Todays school students are tomorrow’s workforce.

How the transport and logistics industry engages and connects with these young people is therefore critical to our capacity to develop an innovative and skilled workforce.

The Tasmanian Transport Association (TTA) understand this imperative and have been working in partnership with the Department of Education Tasmania to develop and implement an innovative and dynamic Australian School-based Apprenticeship workforce planning and development program dedicated to the transport and logistics industry – “Careers on the Move”

“Careers on the Move” is a four (4) stage initiative which supports Tasmanian transport and logistics businesses to effectively engage with and skill young workers. This program provides young people with authentic and holistic learning pathways to employment, whilst still providing them with the opportunity to complete their senior secondary schooling. It also showcases our industry and changes perceptions. It promotes innovation and opportunities.

This initiative has received strong commitment from the Tasmanian Transport and Logistics Enterprises and has resulted the employment of School-based Apprenticeships across a range of business operations and qualifications that support driver operations and logistics management pathways.

Careers on the Move 2019 will be conducted in Term 4, with Year 10 Students exploring the range of career options available within the Tasmanian industry.

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