Tasmanian Transport & Logistics Workforce Advisory Group

The Tasmanian Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Group (TTLWAG) is supported by the TTA and is the recognised strategic industry partner with Skills Tasmania, advising on the workforce development needs of the Tasmanian Industry. The TTLWAG was established as part of a nation-wide network of T&L Workforce Advisory Groups.

Under the stewardship of the TTA, the TTLWAG has progressed projects –

Workforce Plan 2015-2018 – see at this link: Transport Industry Workforce Plan 2015-18
Women in Transport Tasmania and Women behind the Wheel – see report on this project at this link: Women in Transport Tasmania
“How to” – a kit to support recruitment, development and retention of workers in the Tasmanian Transport & Logistics Industry – see the How To kit resource at this link: How To Kit
Workplace Trainer & Assessor Capability Program (2016)

The TTLWAG is now working on an update to the Workforce Plan – including evaluating the effectiveness and actions taken in relation to the 2015-18 Plan. For more information on that project, see this link: Workforce Plan 2019-2021

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