Workforce Development


Workforce Planning and Development is a critical component of our industry’s  future!

The Australian Transport, Postal and Warehousing sector employ approximately 595,000 persons (ABS trend data), full time and part time, which is around 5.1 per cent of the total workforce. Over the past five years, employment in the industry has increased by 3.3 per cent.
The recruitment of motivated and talented young people, continuous skills development of our current workers and planning for workforce changes are becoming increasingly important.
If transport and logistics businesses are to keep up to date with rapid technological changes and productivity demands they must develop a workplace culture that embraces education and training.
The Tasmanian Transport Association (TTA) leads the Tasmanian Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Group (TTLWAG) in the identification of the education and training need of our industry.
In addition the TTA is strongly committed to the engagement and recruitment of the next generation of T&L workers and industry leaders through our “Careers on the Move” initiative”

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Percentage of Transport & Logistics Workforce 45 years and older

Percentage of Transport & Logistics Workforce 60 years and looking to retire

Percentage Male Workers -Transport & Logistics Workforce

Percentage Female Workers - Transport & Logistics Workforce

Percentage Logistics and Warehousing workforce with no post-school qualification


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