Coronavirus Advice and Resources for Transport Operators

Biosecurity Tasmania & Tasmanian Department of Health – Website and Updates

Updates on the Coronavirus including information for travellers (inc transport operators) are posted to the Biosecurity Tasmanian website and to Tasmanian Department of Health website – check for key information at the links below.

Australian Department of Health – Website and Updates

Updates on the Coronavirus are posted to the Australian Department of Health website – check for key information and resources

Legal Questions and Answers - IR & Workforce

Fair Work Australia has listed a range of questions and answers along with example cases on their website.  This addresses many of the concerns and queries raised by TTA members over recent days about managing their workforce under the current circumstances around COVID-19.

The site includes a description of Enforceable Government Directions:
Where the Commonwealth or a State or Territory Government or officer makes an order, determination or direction that is enforceable under the law (an enforceable government direction) and which prevents an employee from working, an employer is not required to pay the employee (unless the employee uses paid leave entitlements).

Some of the example questions and answers, with examples, on the site are:

  • When can employees be stood down without pay?
  • What if an employee cannot attend work because their child’s school or childcare centre has closed due to coronavirus?
  • What if an employee wants to stay home as a precaution?

Click on the button below to go to the Fair Work Australia Website with these and more questions and answers.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has raised many questions for employers.   TTA has been contacted by members for support with how they manage their workforce in this changing environment.  It is important to stay abreast of government regulation in this area as it will impact the decisions you make as a business and the currency and relevancy of any information that we can provide to you.  With the support of the Victorian Transport Association and ARTIO, we are providing information to address questions we have received from many of our members lately.  See the document in the link below.

This document sets out an employer’s minimum legal obligations from a general employment law perspective. This advice is subject to any relevant terms in applicable awards, enterprise agreements, policies, and specific employment contracts.

Rigby Cooke, an Associate Member of the Victorian Transport Association have prepared the following FAQ’s based on the most common questions received from employers in recent days.
The TTA acknowledges the excellent work involved in the preparation of these questions and answers by Simone Caylock, a Partner, and her colleagues in the Employment Law Team, at Rigby Cooke Lawyers, and the support of the Victorian Transport Association and Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation in providing this information.

Border Restrictions & Essential Travellers - TASMANIA

Non-essential travellers arriving in Tas must self-quarantine for 14 days until further notice.

ESSENTIAL TRAVELLERS (inc Freight) will be exempt but must still comply with specific quarantine conditions.


ALL TRAVELLERS, INCLUDING ESSENTIAL TRAVELLERS must complete Tasmanian Visitors Arrival Form – can do this on arrival or online at

Exemption provided for “Essential Travellers” – including Freight:

  • Transport, freight and logistics
  • Any person who in the carriage of his or her duties is responsible for provision of transport or freight and logistics into, within and out of Tasmania; and
  • Flight Crew and ship crew, for the limited period of delivery of persons, freight or logistics into, within and out of Tasmania, and for no other purpose.

No need to complete the application for Essential Traveller Status as Freight is already deemed essential service.  Other travellers need to apply for Essential Service status by completing an online form at

Border Restrictions Fact Sheet

Biosecurity Tasmania forms for Visitors To Tasmania, links etc:

Border Restrictions - OTHER STATES

Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory have closed their borders.

Freight is exempt, but each state has border control requirements for truck drivers and other staff.

Links are provided below about specific entry requirements including forms that must be completed for truck drivers.

Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory require truck drivers to fill in entry passes or arrival forms before crossing the border.

Links to Tasmanian Coronavirus Fact Sheets and Resources


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