Sharing Resources across the Transport Industry

Helping Tasmanian Transport businesses and workers stay connected and working

The Tasmanian Transport Industry provides essential services to Tasmanians and Tasmanian businesses and has stood tall in making sure that critical supplies are maintained during this period of crisis with COVID-19.  A strong and efficient transport industry will be vital to the recovery of Tasmania when the current situation eases.

Some sectors of transport have slowed because they have lost work due to shut downs as a result of COVID-19.  These businesses are facing the need to stand down workers.  Other sectors of industry have increased demand and need extra support.

We are looking to provide a way for businesses and workers to share information and work opportunities, through a resource sharing model that will allow participants to match needs and skills. 

All resource sharing will be through legal contracts and arrangements.  The safety of transport workers is critical and any business taking on workers through this model is responsible to ensure proper induction and safety of workers.

Transport businesses and individual workers can be part of this program, it does not matter whether you are a large or small operator, an owner-driver, a member of TTA or not – this is for the sustainability of our Tasmanian industry.  Options for sharing resource include labour-hire and sub-contractor models.  Labour hire models will be supported by a bona-fide labour hire business and sub-contractor models will be negotiated business to business.

Final arrangements will be between the relevant parties – labour hire / direct business to business in the case of subcontracting.

Please also appreciate that we don’t guarantee that we can find work for resources or people, but as always, the transport industry is stepping up and providing support to industry members and the Tasmanian community.

This program has been informed by the work of the Victorian Transport Association with the Driver Exchange and we are grateful to the VTA for taking a lead in this area.


Register resources including workers and equipment that you want to share

Register if you need additional resources

You may have reduced operations because of COVID-19 and need to stand down staff, or park up trucks.  There are options to support your staff through wage subsidies and also support to lay up trucks with concessions on registration fees and changes, and insurance, but you might also want to offer these resources for use in other sectors of industry.

To register resources that you have to offer, or if you need extra resources, fill in the form below.


Register your interest in temporary work with another transport business

If you are a transport employee and the business you work for has been affected by COVID-19 you may have less work and need to take leave.

You can register your interest in working with another business on a temporary basis through a formal labour hire arrangement.

Please fill out the details below and submit to the TTA – we will pass your details on to Randstad Labour Hire.


Call the TTA by phone: 0427 366 742 or email: - We're here and interested to support you and your business