PAGE Tasmanian Freight acquires Allalong Tasmanian Searoads

TTA Congratulates long term member Page Transport on the acquisition of Allalong Tasmanian Searoads (another long-term TTA member) and the establishment of PAGE Tasmanian Freight.

PAGE Tasmanian Freight, a dynamic start-up and off-shoot of the 80-year old Page Transport, has announced the acquisition of Sydney based Allalong Tasmanian Searoads.
Allalong has been a consistent transport operator in the niche Tasmanian transport sector and today has depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston and Hobart.
The acquisition gives PAGE full ownership of Allalong business which was formed by the transport industry legend and maverick, Ray Cant in the early 80s.

Geoff Page, the Chairman of PAGE Transport and a respected Tasmanian businessman and political figure with long-term, big vision for Tasmania, has welcomed Allalong’s employees and customers to the PAGE family.

“Our decision to acquire Allalong is aligned with our strategic view to provide exceptional customer experience through a blend of professional and family culture, and to gain a footprint into the Sydney to Tasmania market,” said Mr Page.

“We are pleased to welcome Allalong staff into the PAGE family and look forward to capitalising on some of the synergies between the businesses, including our heavy fleet business Page Transport,” said Mr Page.
Acquiring Allalong expedites growth plans of PAGE Tasmanian Freight and, importantly, creates new transport options for Tasmanian producers and mainland-based manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

The Managing Director of Allalong, John Cant added:
“This is a great outcome for our clients and especially our employees. We are happy that the Allalong is becoming a part of a company which has a deep Tasmanian heritage and good family values.”

The acquisition and ambitious growth strategy for the combined future of PAGE Tasmanian Freight and Allalong is the brainchild of Raj Singh, Chief Executive Officer of PAGE Tasmanian Freight.

Mr Singh, who has strong track record of creating growth in transport industry, has recognised the potential to capitalise on industry gaps and enhance trade options between Tasmania and the mainland through improved freight systems.

According to Mr Singh, there are very few companies in the large freight profile offering a direct Sydney to Tasmania freight service.
“Expanding into this market will enable us to provide customers with additional services such as “Express” between Sydney and Tasmania.

Raj Singh is confident about the opportunities for all stakeholders.
“This move provides certainty for Allalong employees and clients. PAGE will be able to seamlessly deliver continued customer care and offer innovative solutions to Allalong client base,” Mr Singh said.

“We have significant expertise in creating highly effective distribution solutions for our customers. Our mission is to make it easier for companies to do business between Tasmania and the mainland,” Mr Singh said


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